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A year ago, we brought out the Mini Vertical which was an iteration of our large wall calendar to a desk-sized version. Today, we are bringing out another way to organize your time: the Week Plan. The Week Plan takes it’s aesthetics from the Vertical, and size from the Mini (3.6″ tall by 11″ wide) with bold black text for the weekdays and medium gray for the weekends. What we’re most excited for is it can be used all year round; there’s no “in-season” like the calendars.
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We teased a crop of the logo earlier but today we’re quite excited to introduce you to Follow the Harvest! Since 2010 Follow the Harvest, has been delivering fruit   directly from farm to your table. They want to give you the opportunity to enjoy local Washington fruit by delivering from a number of small farms in the Lower Yakima Valley – including Horsley Orchards – straight to you within a day or two of being picked off the tree!


Friends with benefits are really the best friends aren’t they? Well we have some who have a really great (and tasty) business near Seattle. We have had the pleasure of working with Josh, Marisa, Matt and Kara Horsley to create their new brand, website and shop! This is an exciting start in their move to delivering to the West (Redmond, Bellevue, Sammamish, Issaquah) part of the state as well as the East (Spokane area).

We are really excited to see this go public, but even more stoked to taste this legendary fruit.

While currently only available in Washington, the guys hope to be able to ship their produce nationwide eventually. If you are in Washington, they are taking orders now for 16 weeks of bliss.

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  • prop material tests

Mo’ Monies is an article written for Pidgin 15 describing, in an almost bastardizing way (short tips and taps), the process of producing the Prop laptop stand. The relevance to this publication is in the attempt to use a concrete  example to describe opportunities that can rise to the surface solely through a project’s inevitable financial hurdles. The article touches on a few moments where new partnerships were formed, appearances re-branded, and focal points reoriented that were necessary in order for the projects survival.

The narrow focus of this project is to draw an optimistic relationship to a more flexible dynamic design process for a larger endeavor. Shall I dare say Architecture? From initial conception through finalized production and distribution (where the article leaves off) the Prop underwent a series of reformations that were allowable only by a flexible design and managerial structure.

In line with a genuinely optimistic (though admittedly naive) hope for a post-Fordist structural model, this article aims to show the potential of flexibility when encountering financial woes head-on. Accept the challenges and take the risks. A “problem” is probably just a misspelled “potential”.


Prop process diagram made for article:

Diagram Capture Large


Excerpt from Pidgin 15 2013

A lack of sufficient funding often halts entrepreneurial endeavors, snatching the breath out of a project before it reaches its potential. The large steps of starting a business, establishing legal rights, and defining market specifications can stall a project. There are, however, newly established business opportunities and non-traditional funding routes that can help designers to navigate around financial roadblocks. Contrary to more traditional (linear) project development routes, an iterative design model occurs when novel investor relationships and an ever evolving target audience come together. The following will describe this narrative in the design process of the Prop laptop stand by MAKE Collaboration.

This model of project development interprets moments where substantial financial support was necessary for advancement as moments to rethink design strategies. In the design, manufacturing, and marketing of the Prop, we realized that the need for funding need not be considered a problem, but an opportunity to clarify our project and its mission.

* For full article see Pidgin 15: Money


  • Photo Credit: Wyn Wiley

What stellar news we have to expound! Nick has been a frequent charrette member of ours over the past couple years. Now he’s officially part of the team. He’s a stellar creative mind that helped come up, shoot and edit our ‘Meet Prop‘ video. Nick graduated from the There's no place like Nebraska!University of Nebraska with a B.A. in Advertising. He brings a new set of skills in his eye for photography and videography along with a passion for copywriting, and branding.

To brag a little on his behalf, his latest work for the NeuroTherm Global Sales Conference is probably his best yet (see below).

Right now, Nick is helping us re-brand, market and launch a new client we hope to show you soon.

Checkout Nick’s Bio and 


By: Nick Goodwin

Photo Credit: Wyn Wiley

  • crop

We are so proud to introduce something new to you today. Now offering the best user experience for all radii of cones, the Crop.

Designed by Darin Russell, the Crop is a highly articulated device for elevating your coning use. Get yours today!


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